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05-May-2018 21:01

He added that Roethlisberger's demeanor was "angry and shocked that this was happening" as he spoke of the allegation leveled against him.

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While some of the sealings are manifestly Persian, bearing the names of Xerxes and Artaxerxes in Old Persian and images copied from the imperial centers (AMI 22, 1989, p. 1." href="/img/v11f3/Greece_ii_plate01.jpg"PLATE I; Kaptan, 1996; idem, 2001), others share affinities with the coinage of nearby Greek cities like Kyzikos and must be local products (Kaptan, 1990; idem, 2000). Yet the form of the stelai and their workmanship reveal a local production. The response ranges from close imitation, to moderate adaptation, to modification of existing vessel types, either in profile or surface treatment. The Persian Empire (perhaps particularly the western satrapies) provided models.

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